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just got my shirt. love it - fits like it was made for me - sizing is good ladies, be real when you order it to size don't try to fit into something because you think it would fit.   the shirts make you look amazing because there made for us... thank you for your store!

Jeanne B., New York

5.0 out of 5 stars Best invention ever
These are absolutely fabulous! A very comfortable cotton absorbant liner designed to wear under your bra band to absorb perspiration and ease the elastic and/or wire from digging into your skin. It has a "tab" piece that goes between the breasts for the same reason. It is very comfortable, the only thing you will notice is the increased comfort of your bra.
They come in a variety of sizes and even in colors. The only thing I would recommend is that you measure where you want the liner to cover as the only difference is the length. I ordered the "try me" with free shipping in my band size but when I reordered 6 more (yes, they are THAT good) I ordered two sizes smaller as that length covers the area I want covered.
They are machine washable and dryable. If you have latex allergies, are well endowed,have underwire bras that cut your skin or suffer from heat rash in the bra area you will really appreciate this product.

Martha M. (Virginia)

I just want to say thank you for the excellent products you sell, AND the wonderful savings!  Being a large woman, I appreciate not only the ease with which I can order from your store (delivering to Canada!), the wonderful range of items (from T's to Lingerie), and the great savings!  Large style clothing is always unrealistically expensive, and usually rather ugly.  Thank you so much for offering great clothing to the average plus sized woman!
A Happy Shopper
Shannon P. (Canada)

I am new to your store, but found you online, and ordered 2 sets of your Pambras Bra Liners.  Frankly, I was surprised at how quickly they arrived.  But, what I am most pleased with is the wonderful product itself. As a large-busted woman, I experience all of the issues that accompany the size and shape likely shared by many of your customers.  I immediately used one of the Pambra liners and I cannot believe how I ever lived without them before. Though I am a size 18, I ordered a size medium, as I only wanted front coverage.  This was perfect!
I will be telling all of my similar shaped friends about this wonderful product, and your store. I imagine that I will be a repeat customer in no time at all.  Thank you for wonderful service, very reasonable prices, and terrific products. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

R.C. (Hawaii)

Hi Kathy:

I just received my first purchase from your site and I couldn’t be more pleased.  It arrived sooner than expected and the top fits and looks beautiful.

I am very satisfied with the service (and I am a service rep for an insurance company) so I like to let people know when I have received quality service.

Thanks so much!

Janice F.  (Canada)


Rated 5 out of 5     by Buyer: Carla P.

"I was so surprised, my order arrived the very next day. The item was even better than I expected and the fit was perfect."

Kathy, I want to thank you for making such a difference in my shopping experience.  Your clothes are FABULOUS! I LOVE ALL the clothes I have bought from your shop. You have no idea how many compliment I get! Not just women either (smile, smile, smile) I use to have such difficulty finding anything that fit properly but every one of your beautiful blouse are a dream come true. The best part is no one else have any like them. I have given your website to all my friends so they could share in my joy. You will see me purchasing again and again. Thanks so much. God bless
Maureen  F. (New York)

"I ordered 2 sets of Pambra's a couple of days ago and they arrived on Saturday. I wore one on Saturday and I wore one on Sunday. Sunday was the hottest day where the temperature was about 85 degrees. Hot and sticky. The Pambras held up great and at the end of the day, the area underneath my breasts was dry and fresh. Pambras soaked up all of the excess moisture and for the first time I felt confident and comfortable all day. Years ago I ordered the imposter version of Pambras, before I knew about the Original Pambras. They are really awful and pitiful in comparison. The Pambras are silky, soft, absorbent and covers more area. The imposters are thin and made out of cheap cotton flannel that bunches up underneath the breasts and still leaves you feeling wet at the end of the day. I will soon be ordering a few more sets of Pambras because I don't want to run out between washings. I have since told several friends about them who also will be placing orders"

- L. Ross (Michigan)

I just received my package!!! I LOVE IT!!
I can't wait till you get in a new line for me to order!!
SO FAST and i am wearing one right now and everyone loves it!!
Thanks so much,
p.s. And thank you for the happy birthday present!
Meredith K. (Canada)

I can not believe that I ordered a shirt Friday and received it on Monday and I'm wearing it today without paying for expensive next day or 2-3 day shipping charges. My shirt is beautiful and I look hot in it... you will definately be receiving more orders from me... I have the hardest time finding blouses that are fit, reasonably priced and are fashionable.... When I saw the name Kathy and Curvy together I knew I had found my spot. Thanks Again, Kathy

Kathy P. (California)

"Hi Kathy :)! I received my blouses today. (Thanks for fast shipping) Everything is perfect! Tried on all the blouses, and I couldn't Ask for a better fit on any one of them. The Black, Green, and White one is one one my favorites... Just Beautiful! The Pink Polka Dot is very versatile, I can even wear it to church Dressed up with a white skirt if I wanted.The blue tank with the Cinched bust is Gorgeous, Material feels wonderful and design is Very flattering! Well as you can see I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks Kathy and have a Blessed Day!!

Helen S. (Iowa)

"I received the 4 tops we ordered today. They all fit perfect...especially the one for my daughter Gina, the black and white strapless looks great on her and it fits her bust. Finally a couple of tops that fit her and fit properly! Thank you again, you really know your sizes."

Carol M. (Illinois)

"I Love this store! If you have any doubts about ordering from Kathy's Curvy Corner, just throw them out the window! I've never found blouses, babydolls, tanks, ect. that fit the right way for a plus size woman - until now. I feel Beautiful everytime I put one on. I will recommend this store to everyone I know. THANK YOU KATHY!!!!"

Helen S. (Iowa)

"Dear Kathy.... Just a note of thanks! I received the beautiful top on Saturday! It arrived so fast......just like you to be right on top of things! I am so impressed with your gorgeous clothing and how wonderfully you take care of your customers. It is why I keep coming back to you. Every time I get a little extra money to splurge on myself, I come to your store! The shade of green is even prettier than I expected it to be! I love it! I appreciate you immensely!"

Renae B. (North Carolina)

"Hi Kathy, I received my top exactly as you said... and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Have had sooo many compliments....I keep referring people, hope you get lots of new business.. I will be shopping again soon for my daughter and myself... will be watching your store... take care and have a very safe new year!"



Charlotte C. (Florida)

"Thanks for the beautiful blouse I have rec'd sooooo many compliments on it and I think your clothes are absolutely gorgeous! They make a woman feel sooooo beautiful and sexy and when you are a large woman it is sometimes hard to get that look and feeling, but your miracle clothes seem to do the trick and that is what us thick chicks live for! Thanks Again"


Jaime H. (Texas)

"I LOVE these blouses!!! They are so silky and true to fit. Fast shipping. I had numerous positive comments on both of them. I will definitely buy from her again! I got both in red, but I will get other colors next. Not just for holidays, and feels soo good against my skin."

Kristi H. (Tennessee)

"Absolutely gorgeous blouse & it fits perfectly. I placed my order Dec 14 & got it Dec 17. I am very pleased with the all around service & will definitely buy again"

Candice B. (Washington)

"I just had to let you know that I went to a Christmas party yesterday wearing the skirt and one of the black tops that I purchased from you--and received 3 compliments (from women) then later I went to the local casino and received compliments from 2 slot attendants (2 women who were standing in a corner yakking--LOL) so all I can say is the beauty and quality of the products I have purchased from you is fantastic---catchya L8R"

Karin K. (Illinois)

"OMG!! I am so thrilled with the blouse. Excellent material, outstanding fit and price. Thank you so much!!"

Cathy G. (California)

"just have to tell you I rec'd your tops and I love them!! It made me realize its OK to have curves and its just fine to show a little cleavage even when you over 60--somehow I forget that as I gained weight and aged--I even got a few nice compliments I feel pretty for the first time in years."

Cami M. (Indiana)

"Both you and your clothes make me feel like somebody! I wanted you to know that you have touched my life. I love all my new clothes and I do feel so pretty in them, regardless of my weight and how I feel when looking in my mirror, I always feel nice when wearing one of your tops!! Thank you, again, Kathy!!"

Ivy G. (Massachusetts)

"Kathy!!!!! The tops arrived yesterday. I could not believe they were here so fast. Did you drive them down to NC and drop them off? WOW! I absolutely have to tell you I ADORE both these awesome tops. The details on the Victorian pink top are exquisite! Beautiful color, great fit, fanciful shape, romantic and charming! Thank you! A fan of Kathy's! =)"

Renae B. (North Carolina)

"Just wanted to say I was totally happy with my purchases from your store and have received compliments on the two I have worn. I love the black and white polka dot and felt very "girlish" when I wore it! My husband even noticed! The other one (hot pink band on square neckline/ with multi colors) was also adorable and I didn't feel I would run into someone else wearing the same top. It is very "unique" and that's what I like about your store... Haven't been anywhere to wear the red beaded caviar top yet- but I will. I love shopping this way and when something else you have catches my eye, I will certainly buy again. And I have told my friends how simple it is with the size descriptions you give and all the details."

Diane A. (Texas)

"Kathy, I love your tops. They look great, feel great, and are the only shirts
I have found online that are true to the measurements you provide."

Julie G. (Illinois)

"Kathy, I just received my first item from your store - one of the layered O-ring blouses. It fits like it was made for ME! Thank you so much for putting together such a gorgeous selection of plus size clothes ! It is often frustrating trying to find clothes for curvy figures in styles that are both fun and flattering. I practically live in Dress Barn and Lane Bryant and own just about every item they carry...thank goodness I found you ! Now I have an alternative to running to the mall and dragging my 3 year old son to yet another "mommy store."

"You truly understand what real plus size women are looking for! Why do we have to wear big baggy ugly clothes to hide ourselves? Who's idea was that? Don't let me catch them alone on a dark street ! Congratulations on hitting the mark Kathy ! Plus size girls are beautiful and we deserve to show off our voluptous curves in pretty clothes that make us feel as sexy and vibrant as we know we all are !!!"

"Thanks again !!! You made my day !!! Wish I could afford one of everything you have to offer !"

Andrea P. (New York)

"Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!! Gorgeous!!! Exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the wonderful designs you offer us curvy are a gem!!"

Ginny S. (Pennsylvania)

"Oh, Kathy, the Grecian Goddess top is absolutely one to die for! It’s so very beautiful with all of those fantastic colors and so absolutely sexy! It fits just perfectly. I can’t wait for my husband to see me and all of my bountiful cleavage in it! LOL! The next time he takes me to dinner, I’m going to spring it on him and watch him duke it out with all of the male admirers!"

Ilene S. (Maryland)

"Guess What, Miss Kathy!!!! Kerry asked me to marry him!! I, of course, said yes. We are tying the knot this Thursday!!! Must have been the outfits I have bought from you....he loves them (the ones he saw). Now our trip at end of this month will be our mini-honeymoon!!! And all your outfits are going with us. Thank you again!!! You added zest to an already wonderful relationship."

Terri M. (WA)

"Kathy I just got my package today and your clothes are so beautiful, I am so happy with them all, your descriptions are perfect and they fit great and the black one was really sexy, my husband just loves me in that one, I am going to wear it Friday night. thank you thank you thank you so much, I will be back soon."

Vanessa K. (Michigan)

"Dear Kathy, I have to tell you how great it is to be able to go out and feel confident and beautiful every time I wear one of your tops. So THANK YOU again. I appreciate your hard work you do to make us feel so lovely. You are heaven sent."

Virginia S. (Pennsylvania)

"If I didn't mention this before - the tops I got today are GORGEOUS!!!!!! OMG- I cant wait to wear them!!! I love your descriptions because they are SO ACCURATE!!!"

Diana C. (Georgia)

"Hi Kathy, I just wanted to say many thanks for the wonderful item's I have purchased through you. I have had so many compliments. We live in a very small tourist town off Lake Ontario and when ever I am in town people always stop me to ask where I have gotten my beautiful top's. Of course I am very happy to share my rare finds with people. I have handed out your web address to everyone I have met along my travels. Although I live in the country I feel like a DIVA when I wear one of your beautiful top's. Keep them coming girl...."

Tina M. (Canada)

"Dear Kathy, Just wanted to let you know how much I love your news letter, you brighten up my week. Everything that I have bought from you so far makes me feel so great, and when you look good it makes you feel good. So Thank you, take care, your an angel" ... Virginia


"I love your clothes so much! With my recent weight gain (and my new struggle to lose) I had really been feeling a little down in the dumps. But I love how pretty your tops look on me and I have actually been getting compliments. Most of all my husband says I really look so nice in your tops and I look happier too."


"Dearest Kathy, You my dear are indeed a Treasure! I am so overwhelmed by the beauty and fit of my new items! They are just so very lovely! I simply cannot thank you enough for making them possible. Your pretty clothes have been such a bright spot for me. Thank you so much for helping me look like a million on the outside even when I don?t necessarily feel it on the inside."


"Thanks so much for getting in more of the DBL LAYER CHIFFON ~ BELL SLV tops in more colors! These are simply stunning on, fit great and are so easy to care for -- I love them. While wearing your tops, I've been asked by friends, "have you lost weight?". It's usally so difficult to find tops in larger sizes that have this special look. You & your store make looking good so easy!"


"I always wondered where they hide the good stuff!!!!
Thank-you, I am VERY happy"



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just got my shirt. love it - fits like it was made for me - sizing is good ladies, be real when you order it to size don't try to fit into something because you think it would fit.   the shirts make you look amazing because there made for us... thank you for your store!
Jeanne B., New York

Hi Kathy,  The dress and tights arrived on Thursday of last week :) - in perfect time for Friday night's events :)  They both fit perfectly - *whew* - I was so worried that the online sizing was inaccurate (that is the one problem I find when buying "plus" is that the sizing is often not right {at least to my thinking} Thanks to you and your website... Cheers, Linda (in Canada)

Received my order two days ago. Items fit great. Very pleased. Will certainly order again. Service throughout was excellent. Can't say enough about the great service I received. Thank you!!  Donna B

Hi Kathy, I received the package on Friday & love the shirts!! this is the first time I've ordered on-line and had my   doubts but everything fits and worked out great!!  Thanks, Lynne    

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